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Holy Raw is new to the market, a brand that specializes in promoting healthy, simple skin care routines. Take comfort in knowing that all products are chemical free, cruelty free and 100% raw. Based in Toronto, Holy Raw aims to connect and share high quality products with the world. All products found on HolyRaw.ca are imported from trusted suppliers in Ghana; formally known as the Gold Coast, Ghana is the top exporter of Gold, Crude Oil, Cocoa Beans and Cocoa Butter. Ghanaian citizens are also notoriously known for having smooth, age defying skin. Thanks to us you won't miss out, we are here to unveil the ancient secrets and methodology of the Ghanaians so you too can have irresistibly smooth skin.




Holy Raw is a spin-off of the saying “ Holy Cow!” which is only appropriate since, you will be amazed in the dramatic improvement of your skin from the use of our products. The “o”  in Holy has been replaced with the Adinkra symbol “ Nyansapo” which translates to “Wisdom Knot”. If you are visiting our site we already know you are the most wise. You care about the health and appearance of your skin. You are eager to learn the ancient secrets and return back to your roots and we are here to help you. Together we can create that magic glow you have been dreaming about Shop Now!



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We believe beauty is further enhanced from the inside. While you cleanse and moisturize your beautiful skin.  Nourish your mind with daily positivity, Follow our twitter for your daily dose of positive quotes. Follow our  Instagram and Facebook pages for product updates and information. Watch your skin and life elevate to vibrate at a higher frequency (Click the links in the bottom right hand corner).

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