Smooth Operator
Smooth Operator
Smooth Operator
Smooth Operator

Smooth Operator

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This gift kit serves as the perfect combination of Ghanaian and Canadian products to assist you in achieving smooth flawless skin.

Step 1: SAPOR + Black Soap - Skin Exfoliation 

The Sapor exfoliating bath sponge (African bath sponge) is native to western Africa. Our sponges are 100% authentic and imported at fairtrade from Ghana. It is super durable, machine washable and provides a medium exfoliation that is safe to use daily.

We strongly recommend using this sponge with black soap during a shower to ensure debris and excess oil are completely removed from your skin. Black soap also provides additional benefits to help eliminate acne, ingrown hairs and evens out skin tone.

In this gift set, the black soap comes with a high-quality, environmentally friendly, hand-crafted bamboo soap dish. Bamboo is a very strong durable wood perfect for withstanding the test of time. Black soap tends to soften over time since it is absent of harsh chemicals, fillers and binders; because of this, having a soap dish is imperative to ensure your black soap does not stick to wet surfaces in your bathroom.

Step 2: Creating a Moisture Barrier by using a Body Butter


After exfoliating in the shower your skin is renewed, your pores are cleared and the steam from the shower has penetrated deeply into your skin. It is now time to lock in all that moisture and continue the healing process by using an all natural body butter.


MOCHA LATTE - Body Butter Good for Oily Skin (Matte Finish)

This body butter has a light fluffy consistency and is the easiest out of the three to spread. It melts quickly in the palms of your hand and feels similar to a lotion. It Consists of a coffee and cocoa butter blend. Coffee reduces the appearance of cellulite, has calming effects and contains vitamin B3 which is great for preventing moisture loss and increases keratin production in the skin. Cocoa butter is naturally rich in phytochemicals which improves blood flow, slows skin aging, protects against UV rays, smooths wrinkles and evens out skin tone.  

GOLD - 100% Unrefined Raw Shea Butter ( Whipped or Non-Whipped)

Good for Combination Skin (Medium Shiny Finish)

This is our simplest body butter which consists of 100% unmodified, unrefined shea butter. It has been whipped to make application a bit easier. Shea butter naturally has a high content of fatty acids and vitamins which help condition and soften the skin. It has healing properties which aids in reducing inflammation, soothing the skin, reducing stretch marks, reducing cellulite and more. 

ROSE GOLD - Hydrating Body Butter

Good for Extra Dry Skin (Shiny Finish)

Our Rose Gold hydrating body butter consists of all natural, unmodified Ghanaian body butters which have been hydrated with Canadian Grade A Rose Water. This body butter is for those who suffer from severely dry skin or eczema and require additional moisture after a shower. This body butter consists of approximately 30% Rose Water which penetrates into the skin to provide additional moisture while the body butters simultaneously work to create a moisture barrier.