100% raw black soap made with all natural, chemical free ingredients. It last two times longer than your average bar soap. Originating from Africa; Black Soap is great for gently curing acne, reducing the appearance of black marks with excellent lathering capabilities. It delicately absorbs and washes away excess oils leaving your skin feeling fresh and matte.


How to Use


  • Wet thoroughly and gently rub on your hands or S A P O R exfoliating bath sponge
  • Work into a rich lather and wash as normal
  • Rinse and finish with a few drops of a light natural oil or cream to lock in moisture
  • Repeat daily for silky, irresistibly smooth skin



Palm Kernel Juice, Plantain skin, Cocoa Pods, Palm Leaves, Water, Coconut Oil. Palm Oil, Shea Butter and a dash of Cassava





S A M I N A - 100% Raw Black Soap

    • The soap is 100% natural and may soften over time
    • Although it looks yummy, please do not ingest 
    • To get the most of your soap, keep it away from running water during a shower
    • Test on a small section of your skin for sensitivity before use
    • Discontinue use if you experience any abnormal reactions such as a rash
    • Use a non-greasy, non–irritating and non–comedogenic moisturizer to lock in moisture 
    • 100% Authentic and Made in Ghana

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