HOLY | WATER - Canadian Floral Facial Toner | HOLY RAW
HOLY | WATER - Canadian Floral Facial Toner | HOLY RAW

HOLY | WATER - Canadian Floral Facial Toner | HOLY RAW

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 Why You're Going To Love This

Anoint your beautiful face with HOLY | WATER. This water works miracles acting as the perfect toner by combating stubborn acne. This Holy Water has been charged with positive frequencies at 528Hz and infused with positive affirmations of love, wealth and clean radiant skin. The frequency of 528Hz causes the water molecules in our Holy Water to form hexagon clusters; research has shown that these clusters aid in reducing water impurities and assist in healing your DNA. You definitely need to add this one to your cart, shop today your blessings await.

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Geranium floral water, organic witch hazel, lavender essential oil, tea tree oil, peppermint essential oil + charged with love and positive affirmations at 528Hz

How to Use It

  • After washing your face with our black soap
  • Spray a few spritz on a cotton pad 
  • Anoint your face by gently rubbing the wet pad on your face in circular motions
  • Allow your face to air dry
  • Follow up with a few drops of Liquid Gold - our all natural facial serum
  • Repeat daily for silky, irresistibly smooth skin

Additional Product Information

  • The ingredients in our Holy Water are is 100% Raw and Unrefined
  • It has its original natural sent ( no artificial scents or fragrances)
  • It is intended for topical use only, please do not ingest
  • This Holy Water is Made fresh on a per order basis
  • Test on a small section of your skin for sensitivity before use
  • Discontinue use if you experience any abnormal reactions such as a rash
  • 100% Authentic with ingredients sourced from Canada



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We import all of our products and ingredients at fair trade. We produce high quality products which have not been diluted or chemically stripped. We give back a portion of all our sales towards providing meals, transportation and tuition to children in need in Ghana. Lastly, we make all of our products in small batches with care and love. Shop with us today together we can disrupt the mainstream skin care norms and return back to our natural roots.

The Scoop

Safe and effective for all skin types

100% Certified Organic ingrefients with no added preservatives

Cruelty-free, Vegan Certified.

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Ghanaian and Canadian sourced ingredients imported at fairtrade