All About the African Bath Sponge

Why it is Such a Big Secret

The truth is it's not a big secret at all. Many people know about it, especially West Africans. It seems like a secret because it isn't advertised mainstream or sold in big retail shops. Your search is finally over because you'll never have a reason to replace your bath sponge again. Today we are here to share the exfoliation secrets with the world. Thank us later, because you will never go back to using a regular bath sponge again and if you do you are what we like to call…CRAZY! We'll just let the quality of this bath sponge speak
for itself.
Short History
The Sapor Exfoliating Bath Sponge is native to Ghana; it is also well known to many West African Countries. Originally, it was used as a fishing net until some genius discovered it’s even better as a bathing tool ! Maybe they were just desperate for a bath but that unknown genius has changed the exfoliation game forever.
About The Sponge
This bath sponge has a unique interlocking of knots which creates a uniform mesh made of 100% nylon. It is highly durable, long lasting and never loses its exfoliating abilities for years ( we recommend replacing it every 1- 2 years). It's machine washable, easily compacts for travel and dries quickly. Due to the unique shape of the sponge, bacterial doesn't have the opportunity to thrive like it does in your traditional loofahs. It's literally the best thing since the invention of slice bread, you can't go wrong with getting this sponge. What are you waiting for? SHOP NOW!