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Holy Raw is your all-natural skin care beauty shop. We utilize ingredients in their most natural unmodified forms, bringing you and your skin care routine back to your roots. We target skin conditions such as acne, ingrown hairs, dry skin and hyperpigmentation by utilizing active ingredients that have been shown to effectively treat these conditions. For example, our Canadian sourced ingredient willowbark has naturally occurring salicylic acid which can treat acne when used at a 2% concentration mix.


All of our ingredients and items are purchased at fair trade premium. We primarily utilize Ghanaian sourced ingredients as well as some locally sourced Canadian ingredients. Our packaging is all Canadian and we ship using Canada Post. In a nutshell, our company infuses the original Ghanaian beauty secrets with a Canadian twist.


The Dreamers Academy was created to reduce educational barriers experienced by many children from less fortunate families’ in Ghana. During the grand opening in 2019, the Dreamers Academy supplied free meals, tuition, uniforms, transportation and school supplies to their first cohort of students.

 This initiative was completely self-funded by the founder of the school, Adelaide Quansah-Arku. Adelaide is a Ghanaian herself, who serve in the United States Military and earned a post secondary education in computer science, granting her further career opportunities.

Her dream is to give other children the same opportunity to reach their full potential. She utilized over $100,000 of her own savings to start The Dreamers Academy. When you shop with Holy Raw you also support The Dreamers Academy initiative. With your help, we can keep the ball rolling and continue to admit additional children and fund their education. 

There are two ways you can donate towards this initiative:

  1. Indirectly donate by purchasing an item from Holy Raw. A portion of all our sales are donated to the Dreamers Academy
  2. Lastly, you can fill out our donation form at the end of this page. Select the monetary amount you would like to donate.  


When you shop with Holy Raw you create a triple win scenario.

  1. WIN: You receive an amazing high quality product
  2. WIN: You stimulate the Ghanaian and Canadian economies which creates jobs
  3. WIN: You donate towards the Dreamers Academy providing tuition, food and more for children in need.

We are Stronger Together ❤️

With Holy Raw everyone wins, we hope you will shop with us today. Together we can create a butterfly effect that changes the world for the better. 

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