3 Easy Steps to Apply the Rose Gold Body Butter

Welcome back to the Holy Raw blog. Today we are demonstrating how to apply body butter in three easy steps. A lot of the time people shy away from body butters because they are concerned they may feel greasy afterwards. Body butters are highly concentrated and a small bit goes a long way.
Why you need to stop buying lotions
Body lotions have a composition of of 80-90% water and 20-10% oils. This means when you buy lotions you're essentially buying water. That's why lotions are usually cheaper than body butters and do not leave you skin feeling as hydrated and youthful over time. You end up using a lot more to achieve just a faction of the effects in comparison to body butters.
Three Easy Steps to Get the Most out of your Body Butters.
1. Melt a Lonnie Size of Body Butter
Take a lonnie sized (large coin) amount of body butter and rub it between your hands until it melts into a clear sheen.
2. Establish The base
Lightly glide your hands across the entirety of your body to establish a base coat.
3. Rub it In
Go back over your body taking care to rub the body butter into your skin.
These steps give the most optimal results when done after taking a shower. This is because, during a shower your pores open up allowing the small water molecules to seep into your skin. Pat yourself dry and complete the steps mentioned above. This will create a barrier preventing the water from evaporating out of your skin. Long term you will experience tighter, softer more youthful skin.
Holy Raw Rose Gold Body Butter
Shop with Holy Raw and get your Rose Gold Hydrating Body Butter today "CLICK HERE". It comes in two sizes. The size featured on the left is our larger size, it also comes in a 2oz size for those of you who just want to test it out or use it on certain parts of your body. This hydrating body butter is excellent for creating ultra smooth feet.
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