How to Use and Care for the Sapor Exfoliating Bath Sponge

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Welcome to Holy Raw. In this blog post we demonstrate the benefits, care and use of our most popular product Sapor - The Exfoliating Bath Sponge.
Sapor goes by a variety of names such as African Bath Net, Shower Loofah, Lava Ponge and body scrub to name a few. It is a super durable, high quality, machine washable, exfoliating bath sponge that has been used in western Africa for decades. Here at Holy Raw we utilized minimal waste packaging because we care about our environment and biological footprint. When you get your sponge simply peel off the sticky backing and discard the strip of packaging.
Our bath sponges are 100% authentic and imported at Fair Trade from Ghana.
Benefits of the Sapor Bath Sponge
1. Better to Travel With
Sapor is very light weight, dries quickly and easily compacts making this sponge the perfect travel companion. Image this, you're on vacation and it's the last day of your trip. You wake up in the morning and do your usual morning routine which consist of brushing your teeth, washing your face and taking a nice hot shower. After your shower you get dressed, put on some make up and finish any last minute packing. By this time your sponge will be dry enough to put in your bag. You will no longer have to worry about bagging up a soaking wet sponge that will smell horrendous and be swallowed with bacterial once you arrive home. We promise you will never go back to your regular balled up loofah again.
2. Highly Durable and last for years
The Sapor bath sponge has a unique interlocking of knots which creates a diamond structured grid. The knots combined with grid like structure creates a highly durable sponge with superior exfoliating abilities lasting for years . This sponge will not easily tare or rip. Even pulling and tugging it aggressively will not do any damage (see our gif below). You can throw it in your washing machine. Boil it if it's too rough to soften the exfoliation. Throw it in the dryer if its to soft to harden the exfolating abilities. You cannot go wrong honey. This sponge is the diamond of all bath sponges.
3. All in One - Scrub your back and body
The Sapor bath sponge is very long spanning an average of 50 inches. The more you use your sponge the more it will lengthen. The length and flexibility makes it very easily to scrub your back and wash your entire body.
4. Superior Exfoliation
The superior exfoliating abilities comes from the knots and unique structure of the Sapor bath sponge. Exfoliating your body is very important. It helps to remove the dead layer of skin, softens your skin and promotes blood circulation. Using the Sapor bath sponge you will notice a dramatic improvement in your skin quality. Your skin will appear more youthful and tighter.
5. We Support Ghanaian Communities
We work directly with Ghanaian communities in Ghana and here in Canada. We purchase all of our products at fair trade, supporting Ghanaian businesses. As well as a portion of all proceeds from the sale of our products go directly to the Dreamers Academy, a school built to reduce financial barriers for children in need in Ghana 
To use your bath sponge step into your bath/shower. Get your body soaking wet and rinse your sponge thoroughly.
  1. Add your favourite soap and work into a rich lather
  2. Compact the sponge into a ball and scrub your body
  3. Stretch the length of the sponge and do the shimmy to scrub your back
  4. When you are finish, rinse your sponge thoroughly and hang to dry
Sponge used in the Product demo is 2 years old !
General Care Information
You only need to machine wash your bath sponge if you notice it starts to smell. Otherwise, rinsing it thoroughly after a shower is fine. Our bath sponges come in a variety of colours. Please check back with our site often as we change our colour selection during ever new import. If you would like a specific colour please reach out to us using our contact form with subject "bath sponge colour request". Also, make sure to sign up for our mailing list so you can be notified for our new import and colour selection. Our bath sponges are hand cut with love, the ends may fray with time, not to worry, your bath sponge will still stay intact. Please be sure to replace your bath sponge every year.
Where to Purchase
Thank you for visiting our blog and reaching this far. By now you should be convince of Ghana's superior quality bath sponge. "Click Here" to purchase your bath sponge with us. Also, if you enjoy our products please don't forget to come back to our site and leave a 5 star feedback review. Spread the love with your friends and family and together we can create a beautiful butterfly effect.
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