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Why Daily Exfoliation Is so Important

Daily exfoliation is an important step of your skin care routine. The outer derma of your skin is constantly reproducing new skins cells which pushes a build up of old skins cells to the surface. These old skin cells are dead and dull in nature diminishing your natural glow. Daily exfoliation removes the buildup of old skins cells, promotes blood circulation and in turn leaves your skin feeling soft, refreshed and glowing. Exfoliation is the easiest way to revitalise your skin. How should you exfoliate you might ask? Shop Now and get our S A P O R Exfoliating Bath Sponge.   S A P O R - The Exfoliating Bath Sponge. This bath sponge has a unique interlocking of...

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Benefits of using Sea Salts

Have you ever taken a dip in the sea? Have you tasted the saltiness of the waters? Sea Water is one of the most ancient secrets to rejuvenating your skin and hair. Sea salt comes straight from the earth and is loaded with natural minerals such as magnesium, calcium, sodium and potassium. Sea salt differs from the normal tablet salt found in your local grocery stores. Table salt is stripped, bleached and consists only of sodium chloride. The natural healing properties of sea salt comes from its abundance of minerals which restores the skins natural pH, soaks up excess oils and enhances hydration. Taking a dip in natural sea salt waters will create and enhance that natural glow everyone is...

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All About the African Bath Sponge

Why it is Such a Big Secret   The truth is it's not a big secret at all. Many people know about it, especially West Africans. It seems like a secret because it isn't advertised mainstream or sold in big retail shops. Your search is finally over because you'll never have a reason to replace your bath sponge again. Today we are here to share the exfoliation secrets with the world. Thank us later, because you will never go back to using a regular bath sponge again and if you do you are what we like to call…CRAZY! We'll just let the quality of this bath sponge speak for itself. Short History   The Sapor Exfoliating Bath Sponge is native...

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